Such a fun family getting together on Memorial Weekend! St. Petersurg Beach | Family Sessions in Florida

I had the great pleasure of getting together with this family being very keen on capturing this time in their lives together. They had so much joy and kindness with one another. Not to mention how complimentary they were, they has something good to say about everything right down to the weather, and let me tell you it was WINDY!!! No getting around that but they saw this 'we got lucky, it didn't rain and it wasn't too hot!' I have great respect for those who are naturally optimistic. It's contagious!  Here a few of my favorites from that day!

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Chael is 6 months old and handsome as ever! Ybor, Florida | Florida Family Photography

I just love this family. They have such a neat dynamic between them with so much love and respect for each other. And talk about laid back! I can always feel nerves during a session, when you have a vision in your mind and focus on that, you can be nervous. If you are fearful your child will not be in the best mood, you also then get anxious a little or nervous. If you feel like preparation was hectic and keep it in your mind, you can hold on to it. Us photographers can sense it, we will try our hardest to lighten up the session, but ultimately it is up to you. This lil family, walked up to me with smiles hugs and were so EASY going that the session just flowed! My big thing is capturing an image of everyone smiling and looking at me for the masses but ultimately I want to capture your personality. I had no problem finding that with Sophina, Santonio and Chael. They were just so great and of such great humor I loved every second with them! Chael is such a sweet, handsome and naturally cool baby :) that was icing to the cake. What is most important is what is captured that comes from the inside. A friend of theirs said 'this is everything' I agree. Outside of God, this is everything.
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Family Session St. Petersburg FL

I met up with this sweet family and their two year old daughter in St. Petersburg. I had such a great time with them, they were so full of joy and laughter! Here are a few from that day!!
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